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About Us

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Jim Farmer, P. Eng., MASc.

A professional engineer for 34 years, Jim has experience in plant engineering, machine design, guarding, electrical safety, production control and legislative compliance. Jim's specialty is providing safety in a production environment without compromising efficiency.  Jim is licensed with the Professional Engineers of Ontario.



Pre-start Health & Safety Reviews for new or newly installed equipment; custom guarding solutions for new or existing situations; safety training for JHSC members, supervisors and workers.


About Us

Industrial Performance Group Inc. has been working in Canada and the United States since 1996.  IPg works with a variety of companies from large multi-nationals to small family-run businesses.   




Why do I need a Pre-Start?

 It's the law In Ontario! 

A Pre-Start Review is required when:

  • a building, room or area is used to store or dispense flammable liquids;
  • racking or stacking structures are used to store material;
  • a dust collector is used that involves a risk of ignition or explosion;
  • a factory produces aluminum or steel, or a factory that is a foundry;
  • a lifting device, traveling crane or automobile hoist is installed or modified;
  • a process uses or produces a substance (i.e. chemical) that may result in the overexposure of a worker to limits prescribed by Ontario regulations;
  • the following protective elements are used:
    • light curtains and screens
    • area scanning systems
    • radio frequency systems and capacitance systems
    • safety mat systems
    • two hand controls
    • barrier guards using interlocked electrical or mechanical safeguards
  • processes that involve a risk of ignition or explosion are installed or modified.

Why bother with Safety Training?

Creating an appreciation for safety at all levels is the best way to ensure that the results of a PSR are implemented and continue to be effective. Jim works to understand your processes and safety culture before delivering interactive training customized for your workplace.  

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